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[21 Jan 2004|09:29pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i really want to re-do my journal... so if anyone wants to help it will be greatly appreciated!! just leave a comment or get a hold of me sometime =)


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[02 Dec 2003|08:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey guys!
i really dont feel like making a rediculously long update but i might not be able to help myself! -haha =)

first off--
Monday: I checked in late, about 1:15.. went to lunch, then about 20 minutes of 4th block then got checked out by my dad. we went to the glass slipper to look at pageant dresses!-- i found one that i absolutly love!-- its purple...and its hard to describe, but its georgous!-- then i went back to school for pagaent practice*
Tuesday: Went to school, then i was in the Jr Miss J.J. Kelly pagaent. tish, brynn and i could not have done or looked any better-- but ya know how it goes!.... so after that a few of us stayed and watched the Miss pageant. congratulations to Vic!!.. after that was over Tish Kiesha Katrice Liz and i all walked over to the gym to watch the alumni basketball game.. even though they lost, it was great to watch our guys(#12 & #15 ) play!!!
Wednesday: this started thanksgiving break!.. i stayed at my dad's... i dont really remember what all i did.-- but i do know that this was the day that i got my new bedroom suit!! its awesome!-- and very comfortable! i think this was the night John Blake me Tish and Chris all went to Mosby's, then to Trish's to watch Bruce Almighty it is a great movie!-- i def. reccomend!
Thursday: i ate thanksgiving at my grams. then again at my aunt momo's then again that night at Trish's- JB came too! then me and him went to dad's and got in the hot tub-- =) fun fun!!
Friday: jb came out to Trish's house we watched Lord of the Rings-- well actually he and dad watched, i slept, and trish wrapped presents.
Saturday: John Blake had basketball practice, but after that dad and trish took us to JC to meet up with my mom and Eddie Wayne. then they took us up to Beech Mountain, North Carolina for the weekend-- its was a lot of fun... "stay in your own bed"--haha... drinkin- hot tub.. fire escape... ping pong.. wonderful break with my baby!! =) ' i love you john blake '!!!!

Now, this brings me to this Monday-- just school.. nothing too excting.
TODAY: first of all.. the boys backetball team had a game so they all dressed up in their shirts and ties-- and man did they look good!! mmmm..... after school i had practice-- since we have to cheer at the tourney this week we gotta get in some practices. -- we also have practice tomorrow-- i might just die =(

but neways-- thats about a long enough update.

much love*
catherine =)

ten.three.o3-- tomorrow is our 2 month anniversary!!! awwww...

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[21 Nov 2003|07:30pm]
[ mood | busy ]

just letting everyone know i was still alive =)

& i'm seriously reconsidering this whole "friend's only" thing. so who knows what i will end up doing. but at least now i know that people read my journal!!

much love to everyone!

and perhaps you might get an update later tonight or tomorrow sometime??-- keep your eyes peeled!! ;)

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[16 Nov 2003|10:16pm]
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[16 Nov 2003|09:10pm]
[ mood | & sore ]

this has been a great weekend. woa!

first was heathers party. then brynns!
my Rynn's party was awesome! i actually stayed the whole time!-lol my favorite part was the Lady Marmalade dance! with all us girls.. ' 4 badass chicks from the mulon rouge(sp?) neways then the guys came out and started dancing right back with us.
the only bad part was the Jordan came- who knows why, but he came- i really wished i hadnt seen him-- especially after the things i was told.. but i could not be any happier then i am now! too bad he is realizing things now when its a lil too late!---
then after the party we went back to susu'(me jb, tisha & chris) then brynn and jess came, the guys left and the party started!-- we were all so sore from dancing, we could hardly walk.. but thats the price you pay =) so then today Tish Chris John Blake and I all went to church.. then to Monterrey's then back to susu's where we stayed for quite a while. we watched a movie, played pool, and watched tv!-lol it was a pretty good day except for the fact that i was so freakin tired!-- omg i was about to pass out! but neways this will probably be my last 'public' entry for a while, so if you still arent added and want to be just comment and i'll add you ;)


' i love you ' *catherine + john blake*
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[10 Nov 2003|08:33pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i'm thinking about deleting this ol thing.. i hardly ever get comments..and i dont know who if anyone reads it. so i may just make it friends only.. Comment if you want to stay added...and if you arent on my friends list comment and i'll add you* ;)

neways.. this is a much needed update.--

my twin and i have finally found guys worth holding on to... Tish and Chris seem to be the perfect couple, as do John Blake and I*
everything is so perfect lately. I couldnt ask for anything/anyone better than my h.b. love, *your princess*

as Sarah and I realized this friday after the game...we only have 1 semester left with our guys. and while we looked from the gate onto the football field it hit us. it was our last football game with them.. and having "The Dance" played over the intercom at the stadium... it was a lil hard to keep the tears back. i don't know if we will be able to take it @ graduation... even if we arent all still together then. we made a promise to sit together and cry our eyes out. i'm going to miss the Senior Class of 2004!*

on a brighter note we are supposedly having a dance this Friday?>>> i HOPE so! i love dances * and then Saturday night is Brynn's sweet 16 birthday/dance party. I'm pumped about that too! what a weekend this will be! too bad football season is over- i'm gonna miss going to the games and tailgate parties. they just wont be the same next year... i probably wont even bother going over there. =(
.. but since football is over with that means that basketball is right around the corner!! i cant wait to go to those games!.. especially since my hb is playing this year. plus we get to cheer, ALOT, fun?.. i havent decided yet. but Tish and i will be traveling all over wise co. watching 'the guys' play!! woo!

oh, and report cards come out wednesday!!.. does anyone know how awful that will make my life?.. i didnt even try this semester. i hope my grades dont show that!-- i'll be grounded for ever....

& another random thought that just popped into my head is about my TwInnEE she gets her learners the end of this month!!-- awe. everyone stay off the roads, Natisha will be behind the wheel!-lol... Love you MT.
& the Jr. Miss J.J. Kelly pageant is at the end of this month as well. I cannot wait for that!... me and the fab 3 hopefully! the mt..jess-e-ka.. and the one and only BEEBLE!!!! -- i <3 pageants. they are actually fun and not as stressful as some people might think ;)

a few more random things :
tosh, jess, tisha and i are all blood sisters, and the official mat carriers.
RED CAR!. sunflower. *bug. haha--lb. memories memories.
corn maze, dracula, wrong turn, elf, church, tha truck.. -- new memories!!
" *n*..*n*.. fucking *n* "-- Sarah A.
your secret stash of pictures..and cothes--haha. mt.
beebles bank of america. #1 beeble w/ crown.. #2 beeble with hat!.-- RyNn
Jess and the guy in love with you... in the back of a car. stop, drop, ka-boom baby.....squiggles!--haha 7.
& i will leave everyone with this.......
' .... and i, i'm glad i didnt know the way it all would end the way it all would go..... '

-- Catherine.

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[21 Oct 2003|09:11pm]
[ mood | drained ]

all i have to say is.... Jelly Bean, Susie Q, and Thelma!


three more words for this update..... blue blanket, hb, and check

<3 princess RiN

-- catherine + john blake --

[15 Oct 2003|09:28pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

yeah, so this will be my update.

but other than that-- theres not too much i'm gonna go into detail about-
kelly golf state champs!!!!!!!
i went down to Wytheville to support them indians- one inparticular- jb ;)
he did wonderful!!- except for number 15- but thats my fault--i was being a distraction- yea right! neways-- i went up there, to be all school spirited, and a great g/f..But, i missed cheerleading practice- so, now i don't get to cheer tomorrow night- or the pep rally Friday!!- how crazy is that??--- but now i get to act like a normal sophomore and WATCH a pep rally-- it will be a chance to see what next year will be like-
TONIGHT>> i went to the 5 & 6th grade football game, and to my surprize there were quite a few people there- John Blake even came to see tha princess-- 'can't wait for this cold to hit ya!! '...lol- but me and the MT sat with blankets..so, it was alright-
TOMORROW>> is thursday-- which means- no game for me..whooo hoo!!
FRIDAY>> Game against Powell Valley!!-- lets go big red!!--
SATURDAY>> hopefully the plans wont fall through-- but it 'appears' as though we will hit up the haunted forest, then cornmaze again and back to my house for a movie.and sleep over-haha.. yay!!!
SUNDAY>> who knows-- havent planned that far--.

but, i'm out//.. &i will leave you with 3 important words--Rocky Top Tennessee
- princess RiN

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a quicky [08 Oct 2003|07:49pm]
--taken <3
'& how can i stand here with you and not be moved by you? '
i hope we can make this last-- tha princess and the king.
Catherine + John Blake

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--taken <3
'<i>& how can i stand here with you and not be moved by you?</i> '
i hope we can make this last-- tha princess and the king.
Catherine + John Blake


now for an update.
<b>Last week</b>...was homecoming.
Monday-50's Day
Tuesday-Hillbilly Day
Wednesday-Wacky Wardrobe Day
Thursday-Camo Day
Friday-sPiRiT DaY!!!
we also had a pep rally... it was great. Brianna won homecoming queen. SOPHOMORES got 2nd place in the float competition..right behind Seniors..and i think we also came in second overall?-- I love homecoming week- plus i have some great pictures- THE DANCE!-- it was the best one i have ever been to. the light sticks were a hit as well. and it was a plus to spend the whole time with 'el'. and the ride to susu's was awesome...especally the end =)
<b>Saturday</b>-- jb took me to the Fall Fling, since we both had to work. I worked for Chad Dotson (Young Republicans Club) and he worked the basketball booth--i bought tons of that old stuff!-- and a few of us wore it to school tuesday-lol..and let me tell you-- we got some funny looks-
<b>Sunday</b>-- did absoulutly nothing. just went and ate with dad and Trish.
<b>Monday</b>--not too much to tell about.
<b>Tuesday</b>-- Me John Blake and Sean wore some of the retro basketball stuff. then jb and i went to the vball game..where we met Kasi,Kendra,Danni,Clay,Wes...and a bunch of people..then i came back home- <b>great night out w/ my boy!</b>
<b>Today</b>-- nothing much happened. went to school--came home.slept..and that about sums it up-
-Welp..thats about all for my lil update.
<3 RiN

<marquee>catherine & john blake 10/3/03 </marquee>
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[22 Sep 2003|03:00pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

it's about time, huh?
well i'll start out with friday!

Ok. I went to school. had the Pep Rally.( we did so great... i 'jumped' the basket toss..and Tosh did a wonderful liberty!!.. the j.v. is awesome this year!- yay!!!
--- so then i came home, got ready...and went out ono my 'date'...
John Blake and I went to the 'lb' for the Pound vs Pv game. Needless to say which team won?
but the Cats did put up a fight. Tish, Brad, Dee, Tosh, Wu, JB, and I sat together on those uncomfortable bleachers- 'hows tha butt?' so after the game the plan was for a bunch of us to go to the huddle house..but that plan failed. Jessica didnt have a ride- Brynn was in Lee High.. and Tish just couldnt. So my date and i rode around Wise lookin for somehting to do, but no one was out! We went to huddle house to see if anyone was there- but say no one ( i later ound out that Brandon and Smoak were there and Brynn came in a few minutes after we laft)- perfect timing!... so we went to see Lindsey and David- but couldnt find them...plus you know how sucky the cell phone service is in Wise Co. next we decided to head over to his house. We stayed there for a while..watched some tv layed around..then got in the truck and went riding around some more. We even went to the kmart parking lot so that i could try to drive the 'ol truck- haha.. you should have seen me- i think i scurred him a lil bit tho-... and we also attempted to talk to truckers on the cb radio, but had no luck- then he took me '4.wheeling' at the college-- and that scared me to death-lol...but it was fun. and at about 11:30 he took me back to my house. it was a perfect night!-- yay.. hopefully there will be more?... but who knows.

Saturday I layed around the house- talked to Jessica and probably annoyed the crap outta 'B'...too bad we had the wrong number the whole freakin time!!. shew-
so after a while i decided to get ready for date number 2!....after i was ready Jess called and said she needed a ride, so she came out to my house and we waited for JB together. we missed the first movie which was Freaky Friday... but we watched the most retarded movie EVER!! 'My Boss's Daughter' I do not reccomend that movie to anyone.. it has absolutly no point. we didnt even stay for the whole thing- but we all had curfews-- so it was alright.
Jessica was on the phone pretty much the whole time too- so the reckless drive almost ran into the concrete divider thingy to get her attention-lol.. at least i was ready for it-...
but neways- He took us both to my Dad's house..left..and While at my dad's i got a very bad phone call- someone started going physco on me.. so i spent the night there while Brynn and Jess went to her house.

Sunday I did absolutly nothing..Watched Identity, Carrie, and Anger Managment w/ dad and Trish. ate popcorn- slept. cooked out on the grill...then went home. pretty boring and restful day to say the least. but those are the kinds i love!- whoo!

Today was a half day at school./. we had 3rd and 4th block six-weeks tests.
after school i went out to eat w/ my Mother..went to the coffee shop. came home.. went to see the baby...came home again and that brings me to now. PLUS the Jv Football game was canceled so i got to be lazy today!.. yay!

also-- My lil sister Danielle is dating Skylar-- aint it cute?...lol =) best of luck.. and remember TOAST!.. just let me know!.. love you sister!

My Twinnie, Tisha.. havent talked to her much lately-- i need to have a twin to twin talk w/ her!.. love you mucho!!

comments please?-- yay comments make me poop yay!

Much love,

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[18 Sep 2003|06:46pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I cannot wait til this weekend!!!

for starters./..
Monday was my BiRfDaY!, and it was one of the best ever...Danni brought a cake to school....everyone sang to me...and i came home to red roses sent to me from 'E.L' (John Blake)...they are so beautiful- Gracias Mucho! Tuesday-- my mom brought cupcakes to me and the girls after practie-- and 1 candle..which was blown out by the wind =( but it was by far- one of the greatest!.. only problem- i missed what would have been a great surprise, but i'm very happy now. oh, and i went to the Wise vs Coeburn volleyball game!.. the girls played great -you know ... and Sean brought me home.. scurry driver-haha.. love you sean! Wednesday... after school i planted flowers outside the school for the young republicans club.. which contributed to being sore today!!..../ but it was a lot of fun..Me Saah A, Sarah D, Brittany, Heather, Kasi, and Dez 'planted' the flowers and for the pictures we made it appear that we were working.. at 6:30 i went to kmart, met up w/ Bri, Nosheen, Jowice, Danni, Beebs, Jess, and a bunch of other people to do a 'flip flop' picture for the yearbook- Me Jowice and Danni did backbends and everyone else put 'flippers' on top and under us and took a picture- 'i cant wait to see how that one comes out...specially w/ mine and Jowice's faces red- from the blood rushing to our heads' ne ways.. i drove home from there- illegally - got in, called Tish- fought w/ her some-haha// then got on icq for a while.

which brings me to Today...
went to school...had a pretty normal day.. lonely since 'someone' was gone all day =( ... then went to practice. ( which by the was was hell ) shew- i didnt know if it was ever going to end. we had to get ready for tomorrows Pep Rally! whoo! i'm pumped up!! and now i'm here.. on icq/ pretty bored actually.

i cant wait.. Tomorrows the Pep Rally...another great 'flip- flop' picture... and Wise is going to Lee High to kick the General's butts!! but, i along w/ a mob of Wise people will be hangin' out in the 'lb'. Me, John Blake, Jessica, Brandon, Tisha, Brad, Tosh, Wu Dee, Dez?..Kendra, Danni...and i'm sure a bunch more will be tailgatin it and who knows what all... then some of us will proceed to the Huddle House. and H0pefully Me and Brynn will stay at Jessica's house. Saturday.. 2 words. Drive-In. awe-- can't wait!

I'll miss my twinster this w/e since she has to go to the lake. =)

neways, I'll update in a few days!!


Yay.. danielle bowman makes me poop ..Yay <3 you butt buddy!

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[15 Sep 2003|06:28pm]
[ mood | happy ]


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[10 Sep 2003|07:49pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I realize you're gone
Although it's hard to grasp
I know there was a time when I was loved
And that that time has passed.
You told me not to cry
That I could be brave
But I looked on the mirror and looking back, it just wasn't me.
You said I'd find someone new,
But I don't see how.
You were the one and only person
I ever truely loved
Now it's over and done.
But hunny I still love you

by- Kendra Miller

and to Brynn Jess Tisha Dee Dez Danni Kasi Kendra and all my friends-

Two best friends, like me and you,
if we stick together we'll make it through.
I'll always be there, when you need me,
Us being friends were ment to be.

When I'm felling sad or blue,
You always know just what to do.
Remember that I'm always here too.
Always and forever, just tell me what to do.

If you desire to only be happy,
Then do not love
If you desire to only be sad,
Do not love
If you desire both,
Then love

props to Kendra..thanks for everything!.. love you 007

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my life is a black hole............watch your step. [10 Sep 2003|05:36pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

i guess i'll start this update out by telling everyone that i'm now single.
It wasnt by choice. Jordan said he heard too many things from to many people that I was "all over" someone. and that isnt the truth..well not really-lol. but neaways I guess I'll quote another one of his ex girlfriends.. 'I'm better off without you'
ON a happier note my birthday is in 5 days!!- I'll be 15!! whoohoo!
This weekend I'm going to the Norton/ Wise football game (no doubt now who i'll be cheering for) GO INDIANS! neways..after that Tisha, Jess, Brynn, and I are gonna stay @ susu's house!
(a famous susu party) I cant wait..slim fast, icq, chats, all that good stuff! On Saturday we're all gonna go to the UVA-Wise football game...Jess Brandon, Brynn Jonah, Tisha Brad, and Me and my 'date'..who knows what will come out of this lil 'set up' but hopefully it'll be fun. Then my Sunday is empty.. no plans- hmm... wonder what i'll do.

today wasnt one of the best.. News travels fast tho, I will say that. lunch was very depressing..from the words of Nathan ' it looks like someone shot your dog' and i really was very upset. i was hopeing *someone* would cheer me up, but they said that from what they hear...'i already have someone to cheer me up '... BUt I'll just have to get over things I guess.. this has been a year long obsession, i guess it had to end somewhere...i just wish it didnt have to. Today I joined the Co-Ed Hi-Y club..it sounds like fun..MGA and all that good stuff...then I joined The Young Republicans of Amereica club.. it too sounds like fun.. at the Fall Fling Me Jess Danni and Dez have to work with Nathan and pass out flyers and stuff supporting Chad. that should be fun!..
after school I took my twin home, got on icq- became more depressed.....called Tish talked to her...and that didnt help either...(my life is a living black hole.....watch your step)
shew.. like Tish says.. 'all this bad stuff wouldnt have happened to you unless something really really good was about to '.. geeze i hope she's right!
To all my true friends that have been there..I love you all...
lJess</ul>..thanks for the talks..and we must be crazy for joining all those clubs-lol.

.. My twin..I couldnt get through anything without you..and dont worry I wont 'put myself in that position ' I love you!
.. gracias for my 'date' atleast I wont be alone saturday..and thank you for telling me the info on muh guy. I'll think twice before i jump on that-lol
.. our lunch talks.. my butt buddy..'lookin good, lookin good' we're republicans..skankin it 24-7.
.. My mini me.. you have great advice, since you've been in my place..i Heart you!.. just think 2 more weeks(tops)-lol.. thank you for everything.
and to
.. i dont even know if you read this anymore..but I really am sorry for what I did.. hopefully it wont mess up the friendship we had before. 'laters'

LOrdy!.. i think thats enough of this drama..i'm out!
Leave a comment or two.

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IT"S A GIRL!! [09 Sep 2003|06:40pm]
[ mood | excited ]

...i have a new baby cousin! she's so adorable...i *heart* babies!!
uhh.. now me and Thomas share a cousin?...oh well, she's the sweetest!-yay..
[[ no time to update anymore, way to much goin' on im my crazy life ]]


[06 Sep 2003|12:30pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

.last night was awesome!!!
went to school..had a pep rally (Meet The Indians)..which went very well...all our stunts went up great!..some people said we were better than V. but who knows- they did great too.
after school i came home, took a shower, got dressed, and went to get Tisha. Me and Tish went to the tailgate party as soon as we got to the h/s, but no one was there so we decided to actually go in and watch some of the game. we met up w/ Kasi Kendra Dez Dee Brynn Jess Kegan and Danni. After half time we went over to the tailgate party to get some food..and chill w/ the crew*.. and i might add that tailgate burgers are the best!...too bad i didnt get any bacon!!! It was soo freakin cold out there..Brynn sat on me to keep me warm, and Jb and Kendra were fightin over Tisha's pullover..around 9:15-ish we went up to the gym for the dance.. no one came untill about 10, so a bunch of us girls danced together. Jordan didnt come untill about 10:30-ish so i had to behave myself till then-lol i had the greatest outfit for the dance!- whooo it was camo pants and a tank top w/ a see- through tank on top. I looked like i was goin hunting-lol...or so said Craig. oh and BTW> I got to see my buddy Thomas last night!!-yay..i miss him so much!.. i'm gonna hafta ge him into one of our dances! I *heart* dances!!! yay..dances make me poop...yay

-update later....shits gettin started!
i wish SOME people would keep thier damn mouths SHUT!!!!!!!!


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[29 Aug 2003|03:56pm]
[ mood | excited ]

..welp, the Mt updated so i figured i should too!

-- Yesterday --
as usual it was hotter than hell in our school... i about passed out! geeze...
after school we were gonna have cheerleading at the h/s.. but for some dumb reason we went to the Christian School, but let me tell ya- Its as hot there as it is at Kelly! we had a very long practice, but we got a lot finished... afterwards Jordan and Chris were supposed to come see me and TIsh, but they called the cell and said they were at Pizza Hut?- haha
neways, I decided i would drive out to the Mount Olive Church and wait for them... after we met up w/ them i told them to go to my house, and that i would follow them, so i got to drive whoo hooo! and a cop was right on my ass, which wasnt too reasuring..but I must have been a convincing driver cause i didnt get pulled over, thank god! so, after we all were at my house we stood outside for a while but the damn skeeters were bittin' us....so we decided to go inside and down to my lil 'room' .haha.
we sat on the couch, watched a lil espn and talked...but seein as how Jane (tisha's momma) didnt even know where she was we had to take her home..and the guys left after about an hour =(

... Today/tonight ...
today was by far the hottest day in that damn inferno!! we need some ac's bad!!
after school i took Tish home, came back here..my mom left for the weekend, so- hmmmm...in a lil while i'm gonna get ready, go to Tish's, then go to Norton, and who knows where i'll end up!.. hopefully this will be a great w/e!!!
-i'll try to remember to update =)


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[27 Aug 2003|05:46pm]
[ mood | loved ]

.....' sometimes what you want isn't always what you get, but in the end what you get is so much better than what you wanted '..... cr+jt

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[19 Aug 2003|07:00pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

DAMN IT!!!- I just typed like a 3 page entry...and it deleted!--- ahhhh!!!
this sucks !!!!!- shewww........ well forget that... I'm not gonna waste my time and type that again!- it was mainly gossip and junk anyways!


[18 Aug 2003|05:32pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

1. Full Name: Catherine Carson Rigg
2. Age: 14
3. Male or Female: Female
4. DOB: September 15, 1988
5. Parents' Names: Theresa and Sutton Rigg
6. Siblings: lil sister..Claire
7. Eye Color: Blue
8. Hair Color: Blonde
9. Height: 5'2..?
10. Pets: Dog..Pepper
11. Grade: Sophomore
12. Where do you live: Wise

13. Color: Yellow and Baby blue
14. Place to be: Taco Bell- lol
15. Teacher: Mr. Giles
16. Subject: Gym...last year
17. TV Show: Boy Meets World
18. Movie: Final Destination
19. Song: Stacy Orrico -- more to life
20. CD: what cd's?.. I just burn them-lol
20. Band: Creed and Lillix
22. Radio Station: 94.9
23. Store: A&F
24. Outfit that you own: My skank Clothes
26. Animal: doggies
27. Drink: Cherry Coke ;)
28. Restaurant: Outback
29. Insect: gross.. I hate them all---
30. Home Appliance: Computer
31. Relative: MY TWIN
32. Disney Character: Lizzy McGuire
33. Online Friend: Sean..and JB ..and Clovis!!
34. Number: -2- and -22- and -7-
35. Boys Name: Tyler?- I dunno.... I'm drawing a blank!
36. Girls Name: Kennedy .. & Chelsie

37. Do you have a crush: Majorly lusting
38. If yes, who is it: Jordan
39. Why do you like them: He is soo sweet, Everything I could ask for!!!
40. What do you go for looks or personality: they've gotta have both
41. Whats your idea of a perfect date: Just the two of us...a weekend away...dinner,movies, and then....well you get the picture-haha
42. When was the last time that you ate a poptart: Gym last year-lol
43. When was the last time that you said, “I love you”: to a relative...a lil while ago. But to someone special, it's been a while..
44. When was the last time that you went out of town: this weekend
45. When was the last time that you cried: this weekend...some things just became clear
46. Have you ever been in a car accident: not a major one...thankfully!!
47. Have you ever been kissed: yep
48. Who was your first kiss: ... Ryland
49. When was the last time you really embarrassed yourself: hmmm... its been a while..
50. What is your best memory: All the school dances last year...Lots a memories
51. What is your worst memory: when my 'rents slpit up
52. When was the last time that you watched the sunrise: At one of my famous 'Su-Su' parties..!
53. When was the last time that you went to the mall: a few weekends ago
54. When was the last time that you went to the movies and what did you see: I think it was Pirates of The Caribean-- With my TWIN!!-haha

55. When was the last time that you went to a party: hmm.. a REAL PARTY??... haha at Jess Sturgills!!
56. When was the last time that you played Truth or Dare: I'd hafta say its been a while
57. When was the last time that you ate a fruit:

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1. Full Name: <i>Catherine Carson Rigg</i>
2. Age: <i>14</i>
3. Male or Female: <i>Female</i>
4. DOB: <i>September 15, 1988</i>
5. Parents' Names: <i>Theresa and Sutton Rigg</i>
6. Siblings: <i>lil sister..Claire</i>
7. Eye Color: <i>Blue</i>
8. Hair Color: <i>Blonde</i>
9. Height: <i>5'2..?</i>
10. Pets: <i>Dog..Pepper</i>
11. Grade: <i>Sophomore</i>
12. Where do you live: <i>Wise</i>

13. Color: <i>Yellow and Baby blue</i>
14. Place to be: <i>Taco Bell- lol</i>
15. Teacher: <i>Mr. Giles</i>
16. Subject: <i>Gym...last year</i>
17. TV Show: <i>Boy Meets World</i>
18. Movie: <i>Final Destination</i>
19. Song: <i>Stacy Orrico -- more to life</i>
20. CD: <i>what cd's?.. I just burn them-lol</i>
20. Band: <i>Creed and Lillix</i>
22. Radio Station: <i>94.9</i>
23. Store: <i>A&F</i>
24. Outfit that you own: <i>My skank Clothes</i>
26. Animal: <i>doggies</i>
27. Drink: <i>Cherry Coke ;)</i>
28. Restaurant: <i>Outback</i>
29. Insect: <i>gross.. I hate them all---</i>
30. Home Appliance: <i>Computer</i>
31. Relative: <i>MY TWIN</i>
32. Disney Character: <i>Lizzy McGuire</i>
33. Online Friend: <i> Sean..and JB ..and Clovis!!</i>
34. Number: <i>-2- and -22- and -7-</i>
35. Boys Name: <i>Tyler?- I dunno.... I'm drawing a blank! </i>
36. Girls Name: <i>Kennedy .. & Chelsie </i>

37. Do you have a crush: <i>Majorly lusting</i>
38. If yes, who is it: <i> Jordan</i>
39. Why do you like them: <i>He is soo sweet, Everything I could ask for!!!</i>
40. What do you go for looks or personality: <i> they've gotta have both</i>
41. Whats your idea of a perfect date: <i>Just the two of us...a weekend away...dinner,movies, and then....well you get the picture-haha</i>
42. When was the last time that you ate a poptart: <i>Gym last year-lol<i>
43. When was the last time that you said, “I love you”: <i>to a relative...a lil while ago. But to someone special, it's been a while..</i>
44. When was the last time that you went out of town: <i>this weekend</i>
45. When was the last time that you cried: <i>this weekend...some things just became clear</i>
46. Have you ever been in a car accident: <i>not a major one...thankfully!!</i>
47. Have you ever been kissed: <i>yep<i>
48. Who was your first kiss: <i>... Ryland</i>
49. When was the last time you really embarrassed yourself: <i>hmmm... its been a while..</i>
50. What is your best memory: <i>All the school dances last year...Lots a memories</i>
51. What is your worst memory: <i>when my 'rents slpit up</i>
52. When was the last time that you watched the sunrise: <i>At one of my famous 'Su-Su' parties..!</i>
53. When was the last time that you went to the mall: <i>a few weekends ago</i>
54. When was the last time that you went to the movies and what did you see: I think it was Pirates of The Caribean-- With my TWIN!!-haha</i>
55. When was the last time that you went to a party: <i>hmm.. a REAL PARTY??... haha at Jess Sturgills!!</i>
56. When was the last time that you played Truth or Dare: <i>I'd hafta say its been a while</i>
57. When was the last time that you ate a fruit: <uhh.. today</i>

58. Do you intend to get married: <i>hell yea!</i>
59. If so, to who: <i dunno that I've meet him yet..Time will tell</i>
60. Do you intend to go all the way: <i>duh!...</i>
61. Do you intend to have kids: <i>yes!!</i>
62. Do you intend to go to college: <i>Yep yep!.. UT BaBy*!!</i>
63. Do you intend to go to your high school reunion: <i>oh yea!!</i>
64. Would you ever go to a psychic: <i>I dont think so....but who knows</i>
65. Would you ever eat dirt: <i>haha- no way!</i>
66. Would you ever kiss one of your teachers: <i>gross.... hell no!</i>
67. What do you want to be when you grow up: <i>a pharmacist!!</i>
68. Would you ever get plastic surgery: <i>nope</i>

(note: You can only choose ONE or TWO for this too.)

69. Who do you trust the most: <i>Tisha</i>
70. Who is your best friend: <i>Tisha and Brynn</i>
71. Who would you give anything for: <i>all my bestests!</i>
72. Who would you die for: <i>my twin!!</i>
73. Who would you lie for: <i>I'd say Jess would be the one that would need outta trouble-lol</i>
74. Who knows all your secrets: <i>Twinney!!</i>
75. Who do you see the most: <i>DANNI!!!</i>
76. Who has known you the longest: <i>Tish</i>
77. Who has known you the shortest: <i>Kasi, and Dez</i>
78. Who will get married first: <i>prolly Brynn!</i>
79. Who will never marry: <i>hmm... who knows with this bunch--</i>
80. Who will have kids first: <i>Brynn</i>
81. Who will never have kids: <i>-I dunno...</i>
82. Who will go all the way first: <i>hmm.. thats a tuff one! haha</i>
83. Who would make the best mom: <i>Kasi... she's so sweet!</i>
84. Who would make the best dad: <i>AS*-he's so sweet w/ Lilly!!</i>
85. Who could be famous: <i>Jess and Beebs*!!</i>
86. Who has the best grades: <i>Amber!</i>
87. Who is the shyest: <i>Tosha</i>
88. Who is the loudest: <i>DANNI!!!!!!!!.... and JESS</i>
89. Who is the shortest: <i>me and Clovis!!</i>
90. Who is the tallest: <i>Brynn...</i>


91. What are the three best inside jokes:
(1) <i>the hat</i>
(2) <i>lone pine</i>
(3) <i>foghorn</i>
92. My fave quote~<i>Guys are like stars...there are millions of them, but only one can make your dreams come true'</i>
93. What is your favorite stuffed animal: <i>my teddy bear!!</i>
94. What kind of car do you want: a Toyota Celica!</i>
95. What is your favorite smell: <i>Ralph Lauren... and Bora Bora!!</i>
96. Do you tan: <i>oh yea!!</i>

How would you describe yourself w/1 word= <i>Thoughful</i>
Likes/Dislikes: <i>stalkers..and trash talkers</i>

Pepsi or Sprite~<i>Sprite</i>
Apple or Orange~<i>Apple</i>
Eclipse or Mustang~<i>Eclipse</i>
Gap or JC Pennys~<i>Gap</i>
Music Loud or Soft~<i>loud</i>
Rock or Pop~<i>Pop</i>
N'SYNC or Metallica~<i>N'SYNC</i>

At the moment:

Music- <i>Maroon 5</i>
Food- <i>Hardees with CLovis</i>
Drink- <i>water</i>
Thoughts- <i>about my guy!!</i>
Outfit- <i>white skirt and blue shirt from pacsun</i>
Undies- <i>thong...haha</i>
Crush- <i>Jordan!</i>
TV Program- <i>Disney Channel...Even Stevens<i>
Whose Wit Ya?- <i>just the family</i>
Time- <i>6:34<i>
Nail Polish- <i>acrilic- French manicure!</i>
Book- <i>me read???-- I dont think so!</i>
Sittin?- <i>in the computer chair</i>
Tired?- <i>heck yea!</i>


Basketball Team- <i>Indians</i>
Football Team- <i>Indians</i>
Any Team- <i>Indians & Raiders..as long as they arent playing us!</i>
Color- <i>baby blue and yellow</i>
Car- <i> Eclipse</i>
SUV- <i>Mitsubishi Montero Sport</i>
Van- <i> none of those...</i>
Truck- <i>ford</i>
Wrestler- <i>dont watch tha stuff</i>
Person- <i>My fab 4 gals!- and Kasi Kendra Dee Dez-heck the whole Cheerleading squad!!!</i>
Soundtrack- <i>How To Deal</i>
Actor- <i>Ashton Kutcher</i>
Actress- <i>Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston..Kate Hudson</i>
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